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Chapter 3 : Engagement indicators at national level

Mode of study

Respondents categorised by nature of enrolment

Categories: full-time or part-time/ remote icon emojis

There was a significant difference between Full-Time and Part-time/Remote students – Full-time students are much more likely to collaborate with others (32.0) than Part-time/Remote students (23.0).

Full-time students also had higher Quantitative Reasoning, Student-Faculty Interaction and Supportive Environment scores than Part-time/Remote students.

Launch of 2022 National Report

Part-time/Remote students had higher Learning Strategies and Effective Teaching Practices scores.

There were no significant differences between Full-time and Part-time/Remote students in relation to Higher-Order Learning, Reflective and Integrative Learning, Quality of Interactions and Learning, Creative and Social Skills.

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