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Chapter 3 : Engagement indicators at national level


This chapter builds on the national results of presented in Chapter 2 by exploring the differences between the groups of students using the student and course characteristics listed in the sidebar to the right.

Selected results are presented here, but all results are available in the dashboard that can be found in APPENDIX 4.

Notes for interpreting the data

Indicator scores provide signposts to the experiences of students.

These are NOT percentages.

Compare indicator scores WITHIN each indicator and NOT between indicators.

Please refer to notes for interpreting the data HERE

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Effect size

Effect size = any measure of the strength of a relationship between two variables. Large numbers of respondents make it more likely that any small difference will be statistically significant. Effect size attempts to measure real-world significance. The NSSE-proposed reference values for the interpretation of effect sizes from NSSE benchmark comparisons are:

Small = 0.1                     

Medium = 0.3               

Large = 0.5                    

Very Large = 0.7

More Glossary HERE