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Appendix 2 Membership of the National Report Editorial Group 2023

Photograph of representatives of HEA, IUA, THEA and USI at the Practitioners Forum 2022

Brendan Duggan, Higher Education Authority

Janice Lau, Higher Education Authority and Analysis and Impact Group

Vanessa Lewis, Project Manager

Mary McNamara, Technological University Dublin and PGR Working Group

Bryan O’Mahony, Union of Students in Ireland and Steering Group

Sean O’Reilly, Technological Higher Education Association and Steering Group

Lia O’Sullivan, Irish Universities Association and Communications Group

Vivienne Patterson, Higher Education Authority and Steering Group

Muhammad Mubashar Saeed, Union of Students in Ireland and PGR Working Group

Joseph Stokes, Dublin City University and PGR Working Group

Eamon Walsh, Atlantic Technological University and PGR Working Group