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Chapter 4: Looking Deeper Part 2 – The enduring impact of COVID-19

Towards recovery in 2022

This chapter seeks to highlight some of the changes observed since 2021 using data from 2022, and to provide an overview of the key findings. Readers are encouraged to delve further into the data using the interactive Dashboard provided below. 


Accompanying Chapter 4 of the National Report 2021, a dashboard was developed exploring the difference between the Baseline and 2021 for each of the nine indicator scores available in 2021[1]. An updated version of this dashboard is now available.

This dashboard accompanies the data analysed for the National Report 2022 - Chapter 4 Looking Deeper. As such, it contains results for first year undergraduate respondents only, at a national level.  

Use the filters on the dashboard, such as respondent gender or the field of study, to examine the differences between first year undergraduate respondents in 2022 compared to 2021 and compared to 2018-2020 combined. You can examine differences in the composite indicator scores and to look at responses to individual questions. 

Please make sure you read the " Notes for interpreting the data" HERE before using this dashboard. 

[1] Note that in 2022, new indicators were developed. For the purpose of this comparative analysis, where these indicators were not previously available in the 2021 survey, these new indicators will not be included in this analysis.